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Our Name

“Montclair” derives its name from the French mont clair meaning “Clear Mountain.”

Mountains in Clouds

Clear Mountain Acupuncture

When you’re in a health crisis, it can feel like there is no visible way out and your future is cloudy. At Clear Mountain Acupuncture we aim to empower our patients on their healing journey so they feel inspired about what’s ahead. Mountains invoke that sense of endless possibility, and in yoga “mountain pose”, or Tadasna works to bring alignment to the body. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is an over 3,000 year old health system with the core principle that the body is intelligent and has the ability to heal. Using the wisdom and tools of Chinese Medicine, our purpose is to remove the cloudiness of illness so our patients can feel aligned, limitless, and experience optimal health.


Mountains arise often in Chinese Medicine, from the names of our acupuncture points, to our founding principles. Yin and Yang theory is central to Chinese Medicine and holds the belief that everything must be in balance for the body to function properly. It is said that Yin is the dark side of the mountain, and Yang is the bright side. Neither is better, and both are necessary for a sound structure.  Mountains are also believed to be the manifestation of nature's vital energy, or “Qi.” Acupuncture’s primary goal is to move “qi” in the body to create harmony and well-being.

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