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Medicinal Herb

Chinese Medicine

At Clear Mountain Acupuncture we practice Whole System’s Chinese Medicine. This means that your customized acupuncture treatment may also include Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, gua sha, and diet and lifestyle recommendations to provide you with a holistic healing appoarch.
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Chinese Herbs

A sophisticated pharmacology that is customizable to each patient. Formulas are adapted as conditions evolve. All herbs prescribed are of the highest quality and follow the tightness safety measures. They are prescribed in pill, tincture, granule or raw forms.
Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea
cupping on upper back for pain


The use of suction reduces myofacial tension and improve circulation to connective tissues to reduce pain. Cupping also draws toxins to the skin’s surface to be removed by the immune and lymphatic system.

Gua Sha

Using a smooth edge with pressure against the skin to locally break adhesions in connective tissue to reduce pain. Gua Sha is also used on the face with gentle pressure to support lymphatic drainage and improve skin tone.
gua sha on face
massage on back

Tui Na

Medical massage that is informed by TCM theory of meridians and acupressure.

Diet and Lifestyle 

We combine the rich wisdom of this 3,000 year old medicine with the best of Western science to guide you toward healthy living
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