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Wherever you are in your journey to becoming a parent, we will meet you there and provide you with a path toward.
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When preparing to conceive, it's a great time to learn about your menstrual cycle and take steps to be your healthiest self.

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Understanding the intricacies of your cycle and health will enable subtle changes to bring you closer to your goal.

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Chinese Medicine provides the perfect complement to Assisted Reproductive Technology. Whether egg freezing, or doing IUI or IVF, we provide thoughtfully timed treatments to improve your outcomes and reduce adverse side effects from medications.

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IUI / IVF / Egg Freezing

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has been clinically shown to improve the success of Assisted Reproductive Technology by....

  • Increasing blood flow to the ovaries improving follicle quality and quantity

  • Reducing the negative effects of medications such as hot flashes, headaches, insomnia, and digestive upset​

  • Calming the sympathetic nervous system which provides an opportunity for the reproductive system to focus on conception
  • Improving transfer rates

I can’t imagine having gone through the IVF process without Kelsey by
my side. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the process, filled in
the gaps left by the doctors to help me better understand what my body
was experiencing, and was of great emotional support and encouragement
as well. I credit not only the acupuncture for my successful
pregnancy, but the entire experience in Kelsey's care.
Jessie, 40

We're here to help

Dr. Kelsey Tangel is a fertility expert and extremely knowledgeable on the medications, procedures and testing for an Assisted Reproductive Cycle. Whether you are starting to think about IUI or IVF, or having your embryo transfer in a week, Dr. Kelsey Tangel  will time acupuncture to complement your fertility treatments.

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