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Feel the Pulse
Outdoor Meditation

Our Approach

At Clear Mountain Acupuncture, we combine the wisdom of Chinese Medicine with practical guidance for modern patients to support their health and well-being. We partner with our patients and provide clear treatment plans so they can take ownership of their longterm health.

Our Method

It is our joy and honor to support patients through their health journeys. We take the job seriously and following these guiding principles.


Combine the best practices of Eastern and Western Medicine to deliver meaningful results


Listen to our patients and create a safe space to heal


Patients are unique and require personalized treatment plans to achieve thier goals

Enjoying Outdoor


Provide clear treatment plans with guidance on how to obtain optimal wellness so our patients can take ownership of their health


Believe in a mind-body connection and treat the whole person holistically


Treat the root cause of illness rather than chasing symptoms for lasting benefits

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