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Lazy Girl Chicken Broth

“Lazy Girl Chicken Broth” is made once a week in my house. I use it to cook all my grains, veggies, and of course, soups & stews. It makes every dish taste better and I love knowing I’m nourishing my family with nutritious broth.

I know many recipes call for boiling a raw chicken, skimming the broth for hours, eventually discharging the first chicken, then adding another fresh chicken to actually eat. I’m sure it’s delicious. This “lazy girl” doesn’t have time for that. So here’s my recipe that’s easy and means it actually gets done.

Start by getting a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. Eat it over the course of the week for sandwiches, dinner, snacks, etc.

Pull out your slow cooker and add:

✨carcass of rotisserie chicken

✨ 3-5 sliced carrots

✨ 3-5 celery stems

✨ 1-2 inch sliced piece of fresh ginger

✨ 4-6 bay leaves

✨ 1-2 tbsp whole pepper

✨ (adding half an onion, or salt is also great, but I don’t because of my family’s needs)

Cover everything with filtered water, then cook on low for 12-24 hours. As you can see this is a forgiving recipe, so don’t over think it. Let the broth cool before adding it to quart sized tuber ware. Use a mesh strainer when filler containers. If I’m going to freeze it I use plastic (I’ve cracked soooo many mason jars trying to avoid the plastic and have given up) and if I’m putting it in refrigerator I’ll use a glass mason jar.

It’s easy. Keeps fresh broth in my house. Tastes great. Feels good. And is the right amount of lazy. I hope you enjoy!

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